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macOS comes with a lot of (overzealous?) security features, that are meant to prevent the average user from destroying their computer after downloading and executing random stuff from the internet, which recently got me into trouble.

I’m using Chromium for testing websites, because it’s a stripped-down version of Google Chrome that comes without many of its annoying features, like a crappy updater that permanently runs in the background and is famous for destroying your computer’s performance and battery life.

And although I’ve been a die-hard Firefox user from the first public beta, I also need to test my websites in Chrome’s engine. And as Chromium does not come with an updater, I’m using the homebrew package manager for installing and updating the browser. But because of macOS’s Gatekeeper feature, I recently could not open it any longer after updating and got the following error:

Translation: This app is damaged and cannot be opened.

I found a solution on Reddit, which is pretty straightforward. Just enter the following line into your terminal and be happy. This basically removes the quarantine flag from the Chromium app and allows it to be opened like any signed app:

xattr -cr /Applications/Chromium.app

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