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Every now and then, every dynamic website needs a little overhaul. And in late 2020, it was about time for this site. Though I’m still pretty happy with the design, the backend needed a bit of love. The whole thing was still stuck on Kirby 2, whereas Kirby 3 has almost been out for 2 years and the old version has almost reached the end of its life.

I hesitated for quite some time, though I knew that I would finally have to give up a lot for going down the inevitable path at some point. But there where some things that kept me from finding the motivation for doing this update.

For instance, I had written the ImageSet plugin, wich provided fancy placeholders allover the site and also Kirby Typography, which enhanced typography a lot by providing fine-grained control over hyphenation and so on. TL;DR: The site had gathered a lot of technical debt over the years and also my portfolio was very outdated. And if I know one thing for sure: Content is still king and one should spend more time on that, than messing around with code.

Speaking of code, the CSS codebase of this current design revision has been growing for a bit more than 5 years now, so it has collected a lot of dust. It also looks kind of messy after all these little changes, and I still got a strong desire to start from scratch. At least, I’m a frontend developer and thus always afraid that somebody else with the same profession could have a look into my source code, which would be embarrassing. But you know what? Content is still far more important and the frontend code of this website has been working pretty fine so far. So I’m keeping it, until I will probably retire the whole site design in a couple of years.

Instead, I updated only the necessary backend part and spent more time on updating the portfolio, tweaked a few things like image sizes and adding some drop shadows behind images (to separate them better from their background). I also added a comment funktion to blog posts, because I always felt that it was lacking.

Stay healthy!

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