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About Me

I’ve been working as a freelance designer since 2007, specialising in the fields of graphic design, web design, corporate identity and illus­tration. In addition to the practical work, I also studied Media Infor­matios (BSc) and Design (MA) to contin­uously extend my abilities, always striving towards getting better in what I do.

My work is defined by good aesthetics, clarity and attention to detail. The overall goal is to combine creative thinking with my technical knowledge and to use my own projects as a creative playground to learn about new technologies and to study design ideas. The close cooperation with my clients happens by individual consulting, open discussions and profes­sional execution of the projects.

Contact Infor­mation

Fabian Michael
Graphic Design

Am Kornacker 66
35041 Marburg

Phone +49 6421 3890707
Mobile +49 178 133 4986

Ello @fabianmichael
Mastodon @fabianmichael

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For confi­den­tional commu­ni­cation, you are welcome to send me a PGP-encrypted email:

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Curriculum Vitae

Born in Seesen, Germany

since 2007
Work as freelance web and graphic designer

2007 – 2011
Bachelor of Science in Media Infor­matics
Hochschule Harz – University of Applied Studies and Research, Wernigerode

Internship as web developer
Juwi MacMillian Group GmbH, Walsrode

2010 – 2011
Internship as web and interface designer

2012 – 2015
Master of Arts in Design
HAWK – University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim

2016 – 2018
Head of design for the relaunch of the university website
HAWK Hildesheim

since 2016
Designer & developer in the team behind Kirby CMS, a file-based CMS.

Awards & Press

2012 – 2013
Deutschland-Stipendium (schol­arship)
Bundesmin­is­terium für Bildung und Forschung

Packr – Reise­planung mit iPhone und Funkwaage
(Packr – travel planning with the iPhone and wireless scale)
Article published by PAGE, edition 3/2015


2009 + 2010
Web Design Basics (tutorial)
Hochschule Harz Wernigerode

2012 + 2013
Web Design with WordPress (tutorial)
HAWK Hildesheim

Academic Writing (tutorial)
HAWK Hildesheim

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