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Woodblock & Packr

As someone who loves to travel by bike and as a hobbyist cook, I got two passions that require measuring things by weight. Especially on long bike trips, it really pays off to keep an eye on the total weight of your equipment – at least you have to move everything by the force of your muscles. So I decided to build my own wireless scale, that can be uses in combi­nation with a computer or a smartphone.

The scale, called Woodblock, was built by combining conven­tional components from an ordinary kitchen scale with an Arduino board and a Bluetooth chip. It is comple­mented by the app Packr, which receives data from scale via a wireless connection to display the current load on a smartphone.

The German magazine PAGE published an article (edition 315) titled Reise­planung mit iPhone und Funkwaage” about the project.


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