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Scroll nicht weg

Scroll nicht weg (»don’t scroll away«) is an online campaign by the Ministry for Family Affairs, Women, Culture and Integration Rhineland-Palatinate against online hate and discrimination, which is primarily based in social media networks and uses images and videos to educate people about the topic. On behalf of the agency Kontrastfilm, I was the lead developer for the technical implementation of the associated website and am responsible for its ongoing maintenance and further development while the campaign is running.

In addition to an archive of social media posts, the website contains extensive knowledge on the topic of hate speech and offers help for those affected. Special attention was paid to accessibility during development in order to make the content accessible to as many people as possible. For this reason, the website was also tested for BITV conformity and all content was optimized for screen reader compatibility and keyboard operation.

Another focus was on the best possible data protection for visitors. If desired, the website can be used completely without the collection of personal data; tracking and the loading of external content such as embedded YouTube videos only take place after the explicit consent of the visitor.

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