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Sister Carrie

Theodore Dreiser’s debut novel is a classic of American literature, which has been translated from its original, unabridged version into German for the first time. The publishing company Die Andere Bibliothek released a limited edition issue in Sepember 2017.

When designing Sister Carrie, my focus was especially on conveying the atmosphere to the reader without constraining the room for his*her own interpretations or revealing too much of the story in advance. The cover art shows the heroine from behind in an imaginary scene that could take place by the end of the novel. The monochrome illustrations inside the book complement that by featuring important settings at the era where the story takes place.

Because Sister Carrie is kind of an archetypical story in the narrative of the American Dream, it seemed only natural to use red and blue as primary colors throughout the book. Whereas the imprint, preliminaries and endpaper are printed solely in red, the text itself is set in a subtle dark blue in conjunction with red accents at the beginning of each chapter.

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